Newly opened “House of Parliament, Interpretive Centre” was designed by UA

The “House of Parliament, Interpretive Centre”, located in its own building opposite the steps of the São Bento Palace, was inaugurated on 25 April. The project, which, due to various vicissitudes, took six years to finalise, was commissioned by the former president of the Portuguese Parliament, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, and, by tender, designed by the designer Francisco Providência, bringing together several teachers and researchers from the University of Aveiro (UA).

The exhibition, divided into four floors, deals with the themes of Citizenship (floor 1), Democracy (floor 4), Parliament (floor 3) and Memory (floor 2), using the innovation of various interactive mediation and augmented reality devices, designed for each centre, to involve the public in a playful and pedagogical experience of reflection and fun, interceded by the personal entrance ticket (free).

The contents, which are the responsibility of the Assembly of the Republic, explains Francisco Providência, “were treated by Design with the aim of their critical and creative mediation, with the aim of increasing literacy and understanding of the Portuguese political system, with a view to the defence and perpetuation of the democratic regime”.

The UA is once again, emphasises the designer and professor, “associated with the museography of major museums built in Lisbon, such as the Money Museum of the Bank of Portugal and the Royal Treasury Museum, housed in the Ajuda Palace”.