FUSION Creative Europe

Fashion Up-Skilling Innovation Network

FUSION is about providing solutions for people’s individual needs by up-skilling designers and makers to create bespoke products through digital fabrication technology, across fashion, textiles and wearables, promoting design focused SME economic growth throughout Europe’s regions. Innovation is about fresh thinking, and the fusion of technology, ideas and skills to shape the future. The FUSION project aims to: • support Higher Level Institutions across Europe develop their role as innovation hubs for collaboration between digital fabrication technologies, industry, craft and design skills to support SME growth. • identify the challenge of an increasing active aging population growth as its subject. • provide fresh impetus to break open new markets in active aging groups leading to EU job development in creative SMEs and growth in the smart textile for active aging populations space.

Start/end date Oct 2019 — Jun 2021

Research groups

Duration 21 months

Project code EACEA-34-2018