MOTIRÔ – O Festejo Como Testemunho

MOTIRÔ – Celebration as Testimony

MOTIRÔ – Celebration as Testimony

MOTIRÔ is a research and outreach project that utilizes the methodology of the Museu da Pessoa and applied research projects from various universities regarding popular culture to gather stories from people who produce, organize, and participate in celebrations. Initially, the project was fully developed in Brazil and then in Portugal. The project records popular celebrations characterized by their predominantly collective and in-person dimension, in addition to the occupation of public spaces. Presences made impossible by the pandemic situation of the last two years. The project rethinks and evaluates how to overcome the impossibility of celebration, its rituals, and artifact construction.

ID+ IPCA, in collaboration with Aonorte, has produced a series of videos and presentations showcasing the artisans and local individuals involved in regional celebrations from the Barcelos region, including the Festa das Cruzes and the Figurado, as well as from the Viana do Castelo region, including the Festas da Senhora da Agonia.

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