Strategic Design Lab


SD Lab is an interdisciplinary team working in flexible networks, rearranged accordingly with the nature of the active projects, that seeks to produce research that integrates knowledge from a variety of design related areas in order to produce new models, processes, and creativity tools for facilitating projects and their effectiveness in organizations and society. This includes understanding the complete life cycle of project outputs, as well as, the influence that projects have in shaping the future.



The objectives of the group are:

· Project and Sustainable Development (focus on Material / Environmental): Understanding processes sensible to the environmental consequences caused by the life cycle of a product / service. Researchers are supposed to develop strategies and proposals to converge sustainability with project success;

· Project and Knowledge Transfer (focus on Imagination / Integration): Understanding of processes sensible to cooperation of diverse fields, from poetry to technology.
An example is the collaborative work of geographically dispersed teams and the consequences caused by the increasing number, and diversity of people and partners involved in a project. Researchers are supposed to develop strategies and proposals to potentiate communication, creativity and management, in this case, for large- scale teams. Another example is the realization of case studies of Co-Creation and CoDesign (designers and users/clients). Researchers are supposed to develop strategies and tools, which enable the inclusion of customers in the Design Thinking process of a project;

· Project Innovation and Regional Development (focus on Society / Regional Planning): Understanding processes sensible to the regional and social context in which the project dwells. Researchers are supposed to develop strategies, proposals or scenarios useful for the decision makers involved on changes of the territorial and social dynamics.



  • Design and Art Thinking, Creativity Tools and Processes, Project Management and Strategy, Sustainability and Symbolic Added Value